Hello, Welcome to My Bite of Life!

I’ve always had a passion for cooking. It began cooking with my grandma and watching my mom entertain with food. I watched endless amounts of cooking shows and received most of my cooking knowledge from these shows.

I went on to graduate from Oregon State University in Food, Science , & Technology. Specializing in fermentation, which I worked as a brewer for a few years. My husband and I have continued our passion of cooking and entertaining. I created my original food blog shortly after my first child was born. It’s been a great place for my friends and family to both contribute and try out some really great recipes.

Do let me know if there’s a certain type of food you’d like to see more of on the blog and I’m always happy to receive and tryout recipes that your family loves! Please send recipes to mikailadf@gmail.com

xoxo, Mikaila

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